• Brand Story
    My journey began in 2018 when I set out to find a product that would simplify the cleaning and maintenance of cat litter boxes. Automatic litter boxes caught my attention, but I quickly realized that they only offered basic scooping features and often made the cleaning process more complicated. Read More
  • About Product
    Self-cleaning litter box is not a new product because they have appeared as early as 1999. However, this product is not as popular as some small home appliances like vacuum cleaners. We think the main reasons are poor user experience and high price. Read More
  • Our Achievements
    A self-cleaning litter box helps you to scoop away litter clumps automatically. Furoomate PCT-110 features open-top design with bigger space than traditional drum-shaped litter box. Meanwhile, with furoomate’s ingenious design, regular cleaning is not a big problem at all! Just quickly remove the si Read More
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