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The challenges of self-cleaning litter box

Self-cleaning litter box is not a new product because they have appeared as early as 1999. However, this product is not as popular as some small home appliances like vacuum cleaners. We think the main reasons are poor user experience and high price.

User experience

Most self-cleaning litter boxes are drum-shaped and it’s the biggest issue is cleaning. It is very difficult to clean the huge drum especially in a small room. Meanwhile, some complex structure of drum-shaped litter boxes have many blind spots that cannot be cleaned, which will continue to emit bad odors.

The price

Most self-cleaning litter boxes cost more than $400, and some brands even sell for more than $600. On the one hand, we think their products are overpriced. On the other hand, some products are over-designed with lots of useless functions, which brings high production cost and return cost. Therefore, these high hidden cost are ultimately passed on to consumers. These are contrary to our ideas. So we decide to design a unique litter box to our customers.

We provide better solution

To solve the problem of cleanup and production costs, we designed the open-top self-cleaning litter box. The entire product does not have any sanitary spots that cannot be cleaned. At the same time, Furoomate has bigger actual usable area than other drum-shaped litter boxes. Our business philosophy is to get rid of the high brand premium, and provide practical and durable products to our consumers with reasonable price. We hope that every cat owner around world can enjoy the beauty of technology.

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