• Q What is Furoomate self-cleaning litter box?

    A A self-cleaning litter box helps you to scoop away litter clumps automatically. Furoomate PCT-110 features open-top design with bigger space than traditional drum-shaped litter box. Meanwhile, with furoomate’s ingenious design, regular cleaning is not a big problem at all! Just quickly remove the silicone liner and wash it, your furry friend’s restroom stays spotless.
  • Q Can kittens use Furoomate Box?

    A We do not recommend kittens to use Self-cleaning litter box because the sensors cannot effectively identify cats under 2.2lb. We recommend to use manual mode if there are kittens at home.
  • Q What kind of litter should I use?

    A We recommend mineral and bentonite cat litter because of its excellent clumping. We do not recommend using the litter with a diameter larger than 6mm especially for long trips of tofu litter because it is difficult for its shape to smoothly pass the screen.
  • Q How much litter should I use?

    A For the ease of use of the cat litter box, the thicker the cat litter, the better, because the clumping is less likely to stick to the bottom. Furoomate litter box can hold up to 6L of cat litter. Please be careful not to add more cat litter than Max line.
  • Q How often should I clear out used litter and clean litter box?

    A We recommend changing cat litter every two weeks or even weekly if the temperature is high and humid. Our recommendations for the frequency of cleaning litter box can be done as the litter is changed. All our measures are to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and create a good living environment for cats and people.
    Please no worry about it, our product is not difficult to clean as the drum-shaped litter box. The whole product has no any sanitary dead spots that cannot be cleaned. Just pick up the silicone liner and screen, and no more moving huge drum.
  • Q How often should I clear out trash drawer?

    A The capacity of our trash drawer is designed based on two cats a week. But we still recommend regular clearing out to avoid odors.
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