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Hello, we are the team of Furoomate, and we want to share journey of creating our innovative product with you. 
Our team has many years and rich experience in pet care, giving us a deep passion for improving the cat litter box.
Allen, the founder of Furoomate, starts the journey in 2018 when he first discovered the self-cleaning litter box, 
but he quickly realized that this type of product can only offered basic scooping features and often made the cleaning issue more complicated.

From 2019 to 2022, he used to work in pet company for the project of self-cleaning litter box but encountered many difficulties, such as different design ideas, high costs and unresolved pain points. This experience deepened his understanding of the challenges in this industry.
The challenges of self-cleaning litter box
Self-cleaning litter box is not a new or innovative product because this product had already appeared in 1999. However, this product cannot gain the popularity like vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum or other home appliances. The primary reasons are poor using experience and high prices.

User experience
The biggest problem of the drum shaped litter box is the cleaning. Customers need to spend a lot of time for cleaning. Also, the drum shaped litter box has many sanitary dead spots which is hard to clean, and if it is not cleaned frequently, it will emit unbearable odor.

The price
Most self-cleaning litter boxes on the market typically cost $500 to $700. We think many products are over-designed with lots of useless functions, which brings high production cost and return cost. Therefore, customers need to pay for the high cost of these impractical features and brand premium. These are contrary to our philosophy. Our philosophy is to provide simple design that can solve the most basic pain points with a reasonable price. We want pet owners around the world can enjoy the beauty of technology.

The better solution
In order to solve these issues, we use open-top as a product solution. Moreover, we designed a unique transmission structure so that the entire product has no any sanitary dead ends. Because of the design of open-top, the practical area is much bigger than drum shaped litter box. Cats use it without any restraints especially for big cats.
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